Honouring Country Ring

Found pebble
Recycled sterling
Size M

'Honouring Country' Collection

As our Country burns, I feel the pulse of our Indigenous people, animals and plants, growing stronger. The voices and wisdom surfacing from Elders past and present. 

The acknowledgment of right and wrong living, and its repercussions. The recognition of a people who have lived rightly for tens of thousands of years with little to no impact, now having to bear witness to the accumulation of wrong living, of standing on top of, of exploitation and taking. 

We are at a point now where the consequence of our actions as a collective humanity is no longer something we can ignore. The call to awaken is intensified with fire and heat. 

This Collection is a new body of work, as I immerse into our present landscape and hear it's cry. I honour the animal spirits, plant spirits and ancestors of our ancient land and give humble recognition to the simultaneous strength and vulnerability of all.

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